About Us

Self Suffiency = Freedom

It’s a simple formula that has changed our family.

In 2008 we realized that much of what we thought was rock solid – markets, housing, careers – was really not. It opened our eyes to fatal flaws in the systems we had trusted, and that’s something you don’t unsee. This change in perspective allowed us to evaluate our future and pursue a different life path.

Since that time, we have focused on building resiliency and what it takes to make an off grid homestead, across many climates and local economies. We have over 40 years of combined design, construction and product experience

Coffee Bean

energy efficiency

Design and project management of NetZero housing, green-rated buildings and rapid-build systems

Coffee Bean


Creating resilient and sustainable energy and food systems that can be maintained over time

Coffee Bean

Holistic systems

Leveraging technology and systems thinking to solve problems efficiently, with the big picture in mind

Our Work

A small sampling of our projects






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