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“may you live in interesting times”

This old adage is meant to be thought-provoking. Is it a blessing or a curse? A genuine hope that you’ll live to see exciting moments in history, or a warning to appreciate the rare periods of peace? As we are now seeing, “interesting” can be difficult.  


 Our world going through significant changes and challenges. You don’t have to go down any rabbit holes to see that the past few years have exposed weaknesses in our systems. Supply chains, food production, construction projects…what was normal, easy, cheap, and available a few years ago is now frustrating, expensive and hard to find.  Any way you look at it, things have changed. 

at ozark grit, we help you thrive in “interesting times”

what we do

Ozark Grit can provide a holistic masterplan or specialty consulting in the following areas


Design efficient and functional homes and infrastructure, for daily living or retreats.


Help create several layers of security to keep your family safe in good times and bad.


Ensure that you have clean, plentiful water for your family, livestock and garden. 


Evaluate and help you plan for plentiful and healthy food at all times.


Create energy systems to provide power when utilities are not available.


Connect you to local resources that can further enhance your preparedness.

not sure where to start?

 With just a few hours of discussion and research, we can design a masterplan to outline your family’s unique needs and goals

solar Kits

Ask about our solar kits! We are introducing pre-packaged kits of solar panels, lithium batteries, inverter, wire and mounting system for various levels of preparedness. These kits are designed to provide enough power to indefinitely run a number of key resources.

Level 1: 1.8kWh & 3.8kWh Battery. Approx. $3800. Example of appliances: fridge, freezer, laptop, 10 led lights, and coffee maker.

Level 2: 4kWh & 6.8 kWh Battery. Approx. $7500. Example of appliances: All of above plus well pump, small air conditioner, and countertop kitchen appliances.

Level 3: Custom to your requirements.

We are currently gathering local interest for these kits, and will arrange a bulk order to offer the best pricing.

Solar Kit Interest

4 + 15 =

Preparedness Quiz

This quiz can help you evaluate how prepared you are in case of an emergency. Think: significant and sustained supply chain disruptions that have also impacted the power grid, grocery stores mostly empty, gas stations mostly dry, and people acting in fear. 

Fortunately the Ozarks are less chaotic than large metropolitan areas, so it's probably safe and best to stay home. How will you fair in your house if this situation last a month or longer?

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